Thursday, August 4, 2011

1st night at home

We got home Thursday evening from the hospital. We stopped at Eegee's on the way home to get some food. Joel's brother Trevor came down from Phoenix and stayed the night with us. His family was in CA so he came to meet Elijah. We had a couple of friends stop by as well. Mary came over to see Elijah again. Kevin, another classmate and friend of Joel's also stopped by. It was nice to have company at the house instead of the hospital. After Mary and Kevin left we went and got food from Five Guys. After a day of no food and then a couple days of hospital food, we indulged a little. Trevor helped Joel get the Pack-N-Play put up for Elijah to sleep in. He is sleeping in our room in his Pack-N-Play for the first few months. Trevor also brought down his and Michelle's swing for Elijah to borrow. We are really grateful for that, Elijah has loved it!!! He has spent a lot of time sleeping in it:-) Sadly, we didn't get any pictures of Mary or Kevin with Elijah. That just means they are going to have to come and visit more so we can get pictures.

We did get one of Uncle Trevor with Elijah

We were all pretty tired so we made it an early night. Story time, then off to bed to get a little sleep before Elijah wakes up to eat.

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