Saturday, August 6, 2011

Baby Shower and 1st Bath

A good friend, Julie Bradshaw, had planned a baby shower for me today. Elijah wasn't due until the 17th so he wasn't supposed to be here yet. Since he came early and I was feeling great, we still had the baby shower. Joel came with us so he could bring the baby and help out. It was very nice to see the Young Women from church interact with Elijah. They were so excited to meet him and hold him. We had a really good time seeing everybody and eating some delicious food.

Elijah taking a nap after the shower

Napping on Dad again

Waking up

After Elijah woke up we decided to give him his first bath at home. He really loves taking baths!!! I think he is going to love water just like his cousins.

All bundled up after the bath

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