Monday, August 1, 2011

My water broke!!!

My water broke at 11:30pm while I was in bed. I had worked a full day at the dentist's office and for the most part was feeling really good. I was extremely tired, but that was not unusual. During my lunch break I thought I had a contraction but wasn't sure if it was just a Braxton-Hix contraction. It was really strong and lasted for a couple minutes. I had to get up and walk around because it was so uncomfortable. It didn't go away while I was walking either. That was the only one that I had so I didn't think much about it. I came home from work and relaxed for a little while. Joel was still in Phoenix on his rotation so I called and talked to him. I went to bed at 11:00pm. About half an hour later I woke up needing to go to the restroom and I felt like I had already gone. Both the bed and myself were already wet. I briefly thought that maybe my water broke, but just figured that my bladder was just not working properly anymore:-) I went to the restroom and when I was done, I just kept going. I called Joel and told him that I thought my water broke but I wasn't sure. I called the hospital and the Dr. told me that I needed to come in so they could check me because if my water did break, I had 24 hours to have the baby due to increased chance of infection. I called Joel and asked him if I should just go in and make sure my water had broken before he drove all the way down. While on the phone, my water definitely broke and now I was positive about it. Joel said he was packing up and would be down shortly. We were so excited knowing that our little boy would be here soon!!! While waiting I finished getting my hospital bag ready and just relaxed. I wasn't in active labor so I didn't have any discomfort at all, no contractions. The rest of the labor and delivery happened the next day so.... to be continued.

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