Thursday, August 4, 2011

Last Day In The Hospital

Thursday was our last day in the hospital. They had some more tests and such do with Elijah in the morning. There was a lot of paperwork to fill out and go over with the nurse. After we finished that up we packed up to get ready to leave. While Elijah was in the nursery Joel and I went out to the car to get the base for the car seat buckled in the car. We hadn't installed it yet. Elijah came 15 days early so there were a few things that we hadn't gotten done yet. It took us awhile to get it in and it was extremely hot outside. I was very glad we did this before bringing Elijah outside. Now we can get the base in and out of the car in no time. Since the car seat clicks in, we don't have to take the base out very often. Joel and I each have one in our cars. Once we had everything filled out and packed up, we were ready to get home. The nurse checked to make sure that we had Elijah in his seat properly. They don't let you leave until they see the baby in the seat. Once that was checked, it was time to go. It felt a little weird leaving with a brand new person. Joel brought the car to the front door so Elijah and I wouldn't have to walk out in the heat. I have never seen Joel drive so slow as he did on the way home from the hospital. He has been so sweet with Elijah.

Here is Elijah in his car seat for the 1st time. He looks so little!!!

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