Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our First Visitors

Mary was the first visitor to come by after Elijah was born. Her and Joel are in Pharmacy School together. She brought us delicious food from Pei Wei's and really cute blankets for Elijah. It was really nice to have such good food since I hadn't eaten in a long time and I was very hungry. She was the first person besides Joel and I to hold Elijah. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of Mary with Elijah. These are a couple of pictures that she took while she was visiting.

Elijah all bundled

Joel and I loving on Elijah

The next visitors that we had were my Aunt Leta and Uncle Jon. They drove all the way from Vail to see Elijah. We were so grateful that they made the long trip so late in the evening. They stayed and visited with us for awhile while we were waiting for a room down on the maternity floor. Elijah loved them immediately. They have been so sweet with him. We know we will spend a lot of time with them as Elijah grows.

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